Symbian Vs. Android

Today is the day of technology. We use blessing of science. A great blessing of science is mobile phone. Now-a-days almost every person has a mobile phone. A good mobile phone contains a better operating system. There are many operating systems for mobile. In the race going on in the cellular phone platforms of Open Source, developers first have two major choices between Symbian Vs Android.
Symbian vs Android
Symbian and android both are a type of operating system. These operating systems were built for Smartphone’s. The Symbian OS was launched with Symbian v9 in 2005. It was the same time when Android was acquired by Google. It was announced in 2007 and released in 2008 on G1. Google also provides Android operating system for computers. Though Android and Symbian are building headlines since their release, the war among them has already waged. The makers are specifically Google and Nokia trying to beat every other in condition of the act. In the race of  Symbian Vs Android however Android is comparatively older, Symbian is also trying enough to keep up through the former. With both as long as incredible gaming experience, it is for the gamers to decide the best choice.
2012 Mobile Share - Android vs Symbian
Android’s cluster of features includes function Framework that let users to reuse components, Virtual mechanism, Optimized graphics for full 2D and 3D support. With media hold for video, motionless images, general audio and other complex formats. Its multimedia act is also extremely high. It has features like accelerometer, compass and GPS. For storage of ordered information, SQLite, is perfect. Additional interior applications like SMS program, email client, calendar, contacts, Java programming etc are exceedingly optimized in Android. Android have a very poor support at playing Web games, which makes it quite ineffectual for playing online.
Android OS has hype. Hype that promotes languor on the fraction of phone makers to a peak where it’s all right to just smack the supply OS as it is, safe and sound. While looking at the row of Android devices, you will notice that they are particularly alike. But, people are satisfied with using android because it is so much cool and other phone maker companies are trying to add more user interface for their product with android. It’s just another mobile operating system but with the backing of one the biggest and most creative companies around.
If you point at Symbian, it’s another story. It does not come only with manufacturers with new software’s, but also with powerful hardware. If you look you will see that almost all Symbian devices have their own custom interfaces.
There are also many custom appli­ca­tions that manufactures build in to their Symbian devices so that they are better and different. Symbian devices has a custom search feature, music player, communities social app, podcasting app, custom handwriting recognition, custom camera inter­face, thorough codec support,  custom media gallery, maps and many other features. Symbian also supports C++ programming successfully. It is for the reason that of its high Java support, gaming has its eventual experience here. For online games, which take time to buffer and then run on other mobile, Symbian has smooth running as a PC.

Both of these operating systems are leading the market of mobile phones today. They both might have lacking, but both have nice features. So what you are going to choose in Symbian Vs Android?

10 Responses to Symbian Vs. Android

  1. swapnil says:

    i like the symbian os but pls add interactive apps like android n make some innovative ideas in this os.

  2. Maruthi says:

    i like nokia bcoz it is very easy to use nd so many service centre r arrounds us.present belle os is awesome why do i get another phone

  3. arjun says:

    Symbian OS is nice , but the net speed and touch processing sensors goes only to android OS . Eg: HTC and Samsung range of smarphones, that are above 20,000-/ worth mobiles . But nokia stands for internal memory storage capacity , camera clarity , better battery life and quick reponse . But android lacks in battery and internal memory .

  4. Rasool tawassoli says:

    Symbian related to nokia , It’s very important .

  5. sooraj says:

    my choice is symbian.. the new os symbian belle is superb os.. i download and installed 224 apps in my c7(including microsoft apps).. about 30 apps were wast.. but other apps are awsome (including games) … superb games…the games have hd & 3d effect.. even though i have 224 apps phone work without any problem… if you are still symbian o^3 or anna users change the os into belle…

    Note:You must close unwanted start up apps… otherwise your phone will slow down..

  6. Victor lawal says:

    Many android phones are heavy e.g Google T-mobile. Am using NOKIA E71 for now, so i can say I love symbian phone.

  7. gamghgysbdf says:

    android are super cool any app making company makes apps this os and its better faster smarter and super cooooooool

  8. chüvoto says:

    i wil go 4 symbian. . but please,add more feature,in it

  9. Sin says:

    Android is best

  10. Dev says:

    Symbian is the best os because its prossery is fast nd dowloading also.

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