Dropbox Symbian

Nokia is a leading mobile phone company in world. The Smartphone’s of Nokia is runs through Symbian operating system. It comes with great features. Sometimes, you may have problem to store all of your data of your phone. But is that a problem when “Dropbox Symbian” is with you. It is a cloud service which stores all of your data of your phone.

Cloud storage is storing files in mutual online repositories is rapidly fast favor for business and personal users alike and Dropbox Symbian is establishing itself as a promote leader, contributing both storage space and customer software that can maintain folders on your Windows PC or Mac in synchronization with online copies. It’s pleasant that Nokia fans need not be limited to those micro SD cards any longer because content can be keep to the cloud with this function.

DropBox Symbian

Even though there is consumer software offered for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux it does appears like Dropbox are misplaced a hoax by not offering Smartphone users an easy way to synchronization files. You can go to the Dropbox mobile location on your phone’s browser, but you fail to see out on some of the service’s best features and can only download files to your mobile.
Merrily, Nokia client Waseem Al Sheik has knocked up an unofficial Dropbox application for Nokia S60 phones with Nokia’s own Web Runtime library. The Application lets you utilize the full Dropbox Symbian web application without having to try and get the S60 browser to deal with loading the full site and will let you upload as well as download files.
In the lead loading the application for the opening time, the crest level of the Dropbox index is surfaced. Pressing on one directory will take users to the related folder and haul down data listings inside it. The other buttons in the main menu has a ‘plus’ that adds a new file; a download button which let concurrent downloads of numerous files and more that lamisil crema. When you are going to download your files, application will download the folder as a single compressed ZIP file. The file will be named after your folder but will finish in .zip. You can find the file anywhere you downloads files, as set in your application preferences. Once it is downloaded, open and decompresses the ZIP file to access the contents of your folder.

Sharing stuff with others who may or may not have a Dropbox account gets as simple as sending the URL or a file or folder in the Public Folder via SMS or e-mail. Furthermore, users will actually be able to easily switch between applications while application is open and uploading or downloading content. And network is cited to be rapid on both Wi-Fi and 3G networks.
The Dropbox client for Nokia Symbian can right now be downloaded from the Ovi Store for free, says the Nokia Conversations blog.
If you want to download the app called Dropian it will work work your dropbox account, to download click this link http://store.ovi.com/content/125322

Dropbox is totally free and contains and have an unlimited upload and download limit.

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  1. CRblog says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing. I have been using dropbox and for more than a year now and so far I am satisfied with both. Services are useful for me, especially when file sharing and collaboration are needed in school. It keep my files sync on my macbook air and my PC at home.

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