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Symbian s60 apps are attractive options for mobile phone consumers. Nokia openly goes after other handset makers and telcos for crippling features and stripping out functionality such as totally enabled Bluetooth, WI-FI access and more. Nokia and their use of the Symbian operating system create a fertile ground for mobile application developers.

The Symbian S60 is a software platform for mobile phones that runs on Symbian OS. It was created by Nokia, who made the platform open source and contributed it to the Symbian Foundation.S60 consists of a suite of libraries and standard applications, such as telephony, personal information manager (PIM) tools, and Helix-based multimedia players. It is intended to power fully featured modern phones with large color screens, which are commonly known as smart phones.


Symbian S60 Logo

Does more things than Android?

Gmail -Believe it or not, while the overall experience might not be better, obviously this is a big win for Nokia Messaging, but since Nokia Messaging is also on Symbian devices at the moment, we’ll count it as a win there, too.

Multitasking- On Symbian, it’s much more obvious (in most apps) how to ‘background’ an app, and then switch back to it. It’s not always clear which applications are still running on Android, nor is it easy to consistently know how to send them to the background.

Twitter- Finding a suitable Twitter app on kamagra jelly various platforms is quite a challenge, but it is more & quite easy on Symbian s60 apps. Seismic for Android has now added support for multiple accounts, but it’s still not as smooth of an experience as Gravity is on Symbian s60 phones, especially in getting notifications and the like.

Waze -It’s also a somewhat unnecessary step that the Symbian version doesn’t have. Also, Waze seems to simply run better on my Symbian s60 powered phones, with less delay or slowness

Music- the Symbian music player is a bit easier to navigate, as though that’s really more personal preference. Of course, the Eris has access to Amazon’s MP3 store baked right in, but that doesn’t help the music already have.

Phone -one thing that Symbian fan boys have always enjoyed is that Symbian s60 is more of a phone smart than a Smartphone – that is, the phone part is always a priority, and it shows. The phone aspects of the Android phone don’t really work that great, and can be confusing. Meanwhile the Symbian powered phones are simple, straight to the point with no confusions.

The most distinguishing feature of symbian was that they allowed users to install new applications after purchase. New features are only added to phones while they are being developed rather than after public release. Some Nokia phones also have an SD slot in which you can beef up your storage space with a 64gb micro sd card and have all the media and Symbian games you want on your Symbian powered phone.

Best Symbian S60 Games

Nokia E71 Symbian S60 games -

  • KRally,
  • Sky Force Reloaded,
  • Meteor,
  • Dreamway,
  • Golf 2,
  • TwinSpin,
  • Super Collapse,
  • Cubis 2, 3D Real Billiard,
  • Global Racer,
  • AW Boardgames,
  • Virtual Pool Mobile,
  • Marble Madness 2,
  • Alien Pinball,
  • Diamond,
  • Capsule SE,
  • Oval Racer,
  • Westward.

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  9. Cloudberry says:

    One more cool Symbian app:

    There is a way to study the internals of your Symbian phone by a simple touch of fingertip:

    This app will allow you to scratch through your phone and reveal the electronics, battery, SIM-card etc. There is also some funny add-ons you won’t find inside a real phone though, they are just to spice up the app a bit.
    It works in Symbian^1, Symbian^3, Symbian Anna and Symbian Belle phones and has been implemented using QT. Unfortunately keyboard-based Symbian phones have been excluded from this version due to lack of teardown-photos.

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